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​​Global increases in water demand and decreases in both the quantity and quality of fresh water resources have served as the major driving forces to develop sustainable use of water resources. One viable alternative is to explore non-traditional water sources through reclamation and reuse of wastewater. Adequate supply of safe fresh water is not only needed for drinking and sanitation but also for industrial and agricultural activities. The water challenge is complicated as it is interrelated to two other grand challenges: - energy and food security (water-energy-food nexus). Sustainable and energy efficient technologies are therefore needed for wastewater treatment with resource recovery. 

With this background in context, the aim of the KAUST Research Conference: Changing Paradigms of Wastewater Treatment – From Waste to Resource is to highlight the critical role of efficient and innovative technologies and microbes to recover resources (water, nutrients, energy) from wastewater in a safe and sustainable manner. 
The topics to be discussed in this conference will include:
  • Theme 1: Energy efficient biotechnologies for nutrient removal from wastewater
  • Theme 2: Innovative biotechnologies for recovery of water, energy and nutrients from wastewater
  • Theme 3: Harness the potential of microbes for synthesizing high value-added products from carbon dioxide and low-value waste streams​
  • Theme 4: Characterization of microbes to better harness their potential in energy and nutrient removal
  • Theme 5: Safety of reuse water – characterization of emerging contaminants and the role of wastewater treatment processes to reduce contaminants

This conference will provide a unique opportunity for researchers from diverse backgrounds to meet and discuss the science and engineering of related topics.​

This event is organized by Water Desalination and Reuse Center (WDRC) with financial support from the KAUST Office of Sponsored Research (OSR).​

Additional support provided by the KAUST Industry Collaboration Program (KICP), Industry Partnerships Office.