• Nano-Enabled Water Technologies

Invited Speakers

Invited speakers will give their talk based on the themes of the conference:

   Theme One: Nano-Enabled Water Technologies: Overview and Saudi Perspective

   Theme Two: Emerging polymeric membranes for water applications

   Theme Three: Nanocomposite membranes and 2D materials for water desalination and purification

   Theme Four: Nanomaterials for water treatment and monitoring

   Theme Five: Nano for food, agriculture and resource recovery

Plenary Speakers

  • Prof. Ayse Asatekin
  • Prof. Cristiana Boi
  • Prof.  Wiebe De Vos
  • Prof. Isabel Escobar
  • Dr.  Lidietta Giorno
  • Prof.  Rahul Raveendran Nair
  • Prof. Peter Vikesland
  • Prof. Huanting Wang
  • Prof. Paul Westerhoff
  • Prof.  Xing Xie
  • Prof. Linda Zou
  • Prof. Gregory Lowry
  • Professor Pedro Alvarez
  • Professor Cees Buisman
  • Professor Tahar Laoui
  • Professor Peng Wang
  • Prof. Suzana Nunes
  • Prof. Himanshu Mishra