WDRC welcomes Prof. Geert-Jan Witkamp

Oct 01 2018

We are pleased to announce that Professor Geert-Jan Witkamp has joined us (from TU Delft) as a WDRC faculty effective September 27, 2018.

Dr. Geert-Jan is a highly acknowledged academic, working on the science of process technology. His research is aimed at generating knowledge necessary for the development of technologies allowing atom and energy efficient recovery of materials in pure form (water, salts, metals) from a wide variety of sources and to realize such technologies in practice at appropriate scales through translational research. Concepts include the Water Refinery, Eutectic Freeze Crystallization, (ultra)trace compound detection and recovery, Natural Deep Eutectic Solvents (NADES's) and supercritical carbon dioxide-based processes.

Dr. Geert-Jan obtained his Ph.D. in Applied Sciences at Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands) in 1989 and his M.Sc. in Chemistry and B.Sc. in Chemistry & Physics from the Leiden University (The Netherlands) in 1985 and 1982, respectively. He brings key expertise in the areas of scientific publishing, teaching and supervising of Ph.D. and MSc. students, patenting, inventing, industrial consultancies, and discovering new process technology concepts in hardware. Geert-Jan is a winner of several prestigious awards including the Dow Energy Prize (Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences) and the Environmental Chemistry Award (Royal Dutch Chemical Society). He has demonstrated a remarkable ability to translate research from lab-scale to full-scale, including practical applications. These capabilities, coupled with his experience with water technologies, is a great addition to WDRC.