Prof. Peng Wang is going back to Hong Kong

Jul 31 2019

The WDRC team gathered this morning for a simple celebration to thank Prof. Peng Wang for his remarkable contribution to the center as a professor of Environmental Science and Engineering (EnSE). Professor Wang joined KAUST in September 2009 as one of the founding faculty members. He is soon leaving KAUST to join The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and be close to his family back in Hong Kong.
In his speech, he vividly recalled how he started at KAUST 10 years ago, without a Ph.D. student and not much chemicals in the lab. He even said that when he attended conferences, people would ask him, "Why did you go to that place?" But now 10 years later,  KAUST has created so much impact in the global scientific community that people wonder why is he even leaving. Finally, he added,  "I believe KAUST is the best place in the world when it comes to research support. You will find things here you will unlikely find anywhere else. I will be an ambassador of KAUST for the rest of my life!"
We are all looking forward to future interactions and research collaborations with him.