Field Laboratory

Field Laboratory
​​WDRC Field Laboratory includes scaling, corrosion biofouling studies on industrial cooling tower processes, field based sampling using high tech tools at a number of suitable wadi sites for terrestrial hydrological cycle measurement, and field sampling using Meteo-Lysimeter to study arid lands hydrology.​


  • Arid Lands Hydrology
    Arid Lands Hydrology The research encompasses a range of topics, from describing the surface and sub-surface hydrology of these environments and validating the flow of water and energy with modeling and undertaking in-situ observations to better constrain the uncertainty.
  • Terrestrial Hydrological Cycle Measurement
    Terrestrial Hydrological Cycle Measurement Distribution and variability of hydrometeorological variables is required to measure the terrestrial hydrological cycle. Field based sampling is acquired, using the following tools at a number of suitable wadi sites within the vicinity of KAUST.