Changing Paradigms of Wastewater Treatment- From Waste to Resource

Mar 27 2017 08:00 AM - Mar 29 2017 05:00 PM


• Energy efficient biotechnologies for nutrient removal from wastewater
• Innovative biotechnologies for recovery of water, energy and nutrients from wastewater
• Harness the potential of microbes for synthesizing high value-added products from CO2, and generating energy from low-value waste streams
• Characterization of microbes to better harness their potential in energy and nutrient recovery/removal
• Safety of reuse water – characterization of emerging contaminants and the role of wastewater treatment processes to reduce contaminants

Thirty three speakers including our Key-note Speakers:
Prof. Wen-Tso Liu, University of Illinois, Urbana, USA
Prof. Amy Pruden, Virginia Tech, USA
Prof. Jurg Keller, University of Queensland, Australia
Prof. Bruce Logan, Pennsylvania State University, USA
Prof. Korneel Rabaey, UGent, Belgium

Prof. Pascal Saikaly –
Prof. Peiying Hong –
Conference Manager –

This event is organized by Water Desalination and Reuse Center (WDRC) with Financial support from the KAUST Office of Sponsored Research (OSR), and is co-sponsored by KAUST Industry Collaboration Program (KICP), Industry Engagement Office (IEO).