KAUST Research Conference 2019

Ensuring reliable access to clean and affordable water is one of the greatest global challenges of this century. Overcoming this challenge requires new resource management approaches and technological reform. Nanotechnology offers significant opportunities to revolutionize approaches towards sustainable and energy efficient drinking water production and wastewater reuse. The unique and highly tunable properties that arise at the nano-scale (high surface area, selective surface reactivity, surface catalysis, etc.) of nanomaterials have led to innovations and fueled advances in many water technologies in the past decade.

The aim of the KAUST Research Conference: Nano-Enabled Water Technologies: Opportunities and Challenges is to highlight the role of nano as an enabler towards energy efficient clean water production and to discuss the challenges in the path forward. The conference will cover the topics on fundamentals, applications, and scaling up of the nano-enabled water technologies as related to ongoing research at the Water Desalination and Reuse Center (WDRC) and KAUST as a whole.

The topics to be discussed at this conference are: 

  1. Emerging polymeric membranes and coatings for aqueous separations, and resources recovery 
  2. Nanocomposites and inorganic materials for water desalination and purification 
  3. Nano-enabled solar driven processes towards energy efficient clean water production 
  4. Nanomaterials for water treatment, resource recovery, and water monitoring 
  5. Nano for agriculture 
  6. Scaling up of nano-enabled water technologies: successes and lessons. 


Click on the link below for the list of speakers and their topics: 

Speakers_Nano-Enabled Water Technologies.pdf

Call For Poster

We welcome the participation of Masters and Ph.D. students from KAUST and in-Kingdom universities who are working in the related field.

Participants are kindly requested to submit a poster for evaluation under the following guideline and criteria:

  • Abstract – a maximum of 300 words detailing the background, problem statement and findings
  • Format – PDF format, portrait layout and A0 size (841mm x 1189mm or 33.11" x 46.81")
  • All the documents and presentations must be in English.
  • One author per poster would be expected to present during the exhibit. 

KAUST will arrange accommodation and flights for the presenters of the best 20 selected in-Kingdom posters.


Poster submission: November 30, 2018 - Submit your posters by sending an email to wdrc.conferences@kaust.edu.sa

Acceptance notification: December 6, 2018

*Final e-poster upload: December 31, 2018


*E-Poster Presentation

The selected posters will be presented on a computer screen with 2 or 3 other posters, for a fixed time in sequence. Should the author need to answer more questions from the audience, he could step aside for the next presenter then access his presentation from a separate device nearby.

An e-poster would allow you to upload a video hence make your presentation interactive.

Conference Chairs

Professor Suzana Nunes, Co-Chair

Water Desalination and Reuse Center

Email: suzana.nunes@kaust.edu.sa 

Professor Peng WangCo-Chair

Water Desalination and Reuse Center

Email: peng.wang@kaust.edu.sa


Professor Johannes Vrouwenvelder, Center Director

Water Desalination and Reuse Center

Email: johannes.vrouwenvelder@kaust.edu.sa


The conference is sponsored by the KAUST Office of Sponsored Research.