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A Map of the Future of Water by Prof. Jay Famiglietti

Jun 01, 2020

Listen to Prof. Jay Famiglietti as he presents compelling evidence of the global groundwater depletion that threatens both water and food security.

Reaching Drawdown: Climate Solutions for the New Decade by Dr. Jonathan Foley

May 31, 2020

If you missed Dr. Jonathan Foley's EnSE talk, the video is now available online.

Wastewater monitoring could provide early warnings of COVID-19 outbreaks

May 21, 2020

In the third series of Sci-Cafe, Associate Professor Peiying Hong explained how wastewater analysis could be a non-invasive and cost-effective step in the early detection of COVID-19 outbreaks in communities.

Sea skaters are a super source of inspiration

May 17, 2020

Prof. Himanshu Mishra is part of a multi-disciplinary team at KAUST that investigated the characteristics of Halobates. Inspired by the mushroom-shaped hairs of this insect, his team at the Interfacial Lab aims to explore how this new finding could be further applied in the area of water desalination.


Moisture-sucking gels give solar panels the chills

May 12, 2020

Prof Peng Wang and his postdoc Renyuan Li have produced a proof-of-concept device that can harvest water vapor and use it to cool solar cells, which will improve their efficiency.


Missed our last EnSE webinar invited speaker?

Apr 28, 2020

Dr. Philip Ball's presentation on "Why water is weird?" is now available!

WDRC Faculty Promotion

Apr 16, 2020

Professor Himanshu Mishra is promoted to the rank of Associate Professor of Environmental Science and Engineering.

Arab News features OrbitCrops

Apr 07, 2020

WDRC congratulates Bruno Aragon and Matteo Ziliani as they launch OrbitCrops into the Saudi Arabian market.

Raid AlRowais successfully defends thesis

Apr 02, 2020

Raid AlRowais from the group of Prof. Kim Choon Ng is the latest addition to the WDRC- EnSE Program Ph.D. graduates.

Bursting bubbles clear the way for desalination

Feb 19, 2020

Professor NorEddine Ghaffour and Mohanned Al Ghamdi have harnessed the physical and chemical action of carbon dioxide as a fast and environmentally friendly way of cleaning filters used in water desalination.


Flushing nitrogen from seawater-based toilets

Feb 03, 2020

Prof. Pascal Saikaly and his postdoc Muhammad Ali and the team have identified a salt-tolerant bacterium cultured from the Red Sea, which can remove nitrogen from salty wastewater. Their work could potentially increase the use of saltwater for toilet flushing, thereby easing up pressure on desalination and freshwater resources.


Chlorine could increase antimicrobial resistance

Jan 08, 2020

In this latest article from the KAUST Discovery, Prof. Peiying Hong with David Mantilla-Calderon, postdoc, and Nicolas Augsburger, a Ph.D. student challenges the safety of using chlorine as a final disinfection step for wastewater.