Water desalination using geothermal energy

M. Goosen, H. Mahmoudi, N. Ghaffour
Energies 3, 1423-1442, (2010)

Water desalination using geothermal energy


Water desalination, Geothermal energy, Renewable energy, Case studies, Environmental risks, Market potentials, Barriers to growth


​The paper provides a critical overview of water desalination using geothermal resources. Specific case studies are presented, as well as an assessment of environmental risks and market potential and barriers to growth. The availability and suitability of low and high temperature geothermal energy in comparison to other renewable energy resources for desalination is also discussed. Analysis will show, for example, that the use of geothermal energy for thermal desalination can be justified only in the presence of cheap geothermal reservoirs or in decentralized applications focusing on small-scale water supplies in coastal regions, provided that society is able and willing to pay for desalting.


DOI: 10.3390/en3081423


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