Numerical Study of the Thermal Behaviours of the Absorbent Bed for Storing a Natural Gas at Adsorbed State with Low Pressure in a Vessel

D.T. Ybyraiymkul, A. Kaltayev, K.C. Ng
Applied Mechanics and Materials, volume 818, pp. 291-295, (2016)


Adsorbed Natural Gas, Adsorption Kinetics, Numerical Study, Vessel


Energy and environmental problems of the economy in the world, especially in metropolitan areas caused by vehicles, is now becoming important and one of the main ways of solving this problem is using natural gas. Widespread use of gaseous fuel is heavily restricted by its storage problem in container under high pressure (20-25 MPa) in a gas state or at low temperatures (-163 ° C) in a liquid state. And the most promising solution of this problem is to develop a vessel based on of adsorption technology, which is designed for efficient storage of natural gas at moderate pressures (2-3.5 MPa).


DOI: 10.4028/


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