Concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV): Hydrogen Design Methodology and Optimization

M. Burhan, M.W. Shahzad, K.C. Ng
Advances In Hydrogen Generation Technologies, (2018)

Concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV): Hydrogen Design Methodology and Optimization


Optimization, Concentrated photovoltaic, Genetic algorithm, Hydrogen


To compete with the fossil fuel, there is a need for steady power supply from renewable energy systems. Solar energy, being highest potential energy source, is only available during diurnal period. Therefore, for steady power supply, an energy storage system is needed to be coupled with the primary solar energy system. For such application, hydrogen production is proved to provide long term and sustainable energy storage. However, firstly, there is a need to capture solar energy with higher efficiency for minimum energy storage and reduced system size. Concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) system, utilizing multi-junction solar cell (MJC), provides highest energy conversion efficiency among all photovoltaic systems. Despite, there is no model reported in the literature regarding its performance simulation and stand-alone operation optimization. None of the commercial software is capable of handling CPV performance simulation. In this chapter, a detailed performance model and an optimization strategy are proposed for stand-alone operation of CPV with hydrogen production as energy storage. A multi-objective optimization technique is developed using micro-GA for its techno-economic analysis. The performance model of MJC is developed based upon the cell characteristics of InGaP/InGaAs/ Ge triple-junction solar cell. The system design is presented for uninterrupted power supply with minimum system cost.


DOI: 10.5772/intechopen.78055


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