Janus Graphene Oxide-doped, Lamellar Composite Membranes with Strong Aqueous Stability

C-M Kim, S. Hong, R. Li, I.S. Kim, P. Wang
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, volume 7, pp. 7252-7259, (2019)

Janus Graphene Oxide-doped, Lamellar Composite Membranes with Strong Aqueous Stability


Graphene oxide membranes, Janus graphene oxide, Dodecylamine, Composite, Noncovalent interaction, Aqueous structural stability


Nanostructured graphene oxide (GO) membranes offer outstanding mass transport performances such as ultrahigh water flux and precise molecular sieving and thus have a great potential as a novel filtration platform for energy efficient molecular or ionic separation. However, the structural stability of the GO membranes in aqueous environments remains a challenging problem, which limits its practical application perspective. We, here, report a novel GO composite membrane composed of GO and asymmetrically functionalized Janus GO (JGO) sheets. Single-side functionalized JGO was made by amidation of dodecylamine. Incorporation of JGO in GO film exhibited extraordinary stability in water at broad pH values even under agitation. Moreover, JGO-doped GO composite membrane showed robust integrity in acid or base solutions over months. It exhibits high molecular retention above 95% for uncharged and charged dye molecules, rhodamine B, and brilliant blue G while maintaining water permeability comparable with previously reported GO-based membranes under osmotic pressure. This work significantly expands possibilities for new way to enhance the structural stability in graphene-based or 2D-material membrane and surface-selective functionalization in membrane fabrication for many applications.


DOI: 10.1021/acssuschemeng.9b00282


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