Adsorbent-Coated Heat and Mass Exchanger

K.J. Chua, M.R. Islam, K.C. Ng, M.W. Shahzad
Green Energy and Technology Book Series, Advances in Air Conditioning Technologies pp. 131-166, (2020)




​This chapter specifically focuses on the development of the adsorbent coated heat and mass exchanger as a promising energy-efficient alternative for the dehumidification and cooling of air using the low-grade waste heat. A comprehensive and compact overview is conducted on the adsorption and desorption characteristics of different high-performance pure and composite adsorbents. The moisture adsorption performance of commonly used adsorbents, such as silica gel, activated carbon, Y-type zeolite, AQSOA-Z01, AQSOA-Z02, and AQSOA-Z03 are compared. Different techniques to facilitate durable and uniform coating of adsorbents on the heat exchanger surfaces are presented. The relative advantages and challenges of the adsorbent-coated heat and mass exchanger over the fixed-bed and the rotary wheel dehumidifiers are coherently analysed. Finally, the influences of key design and operating variables on the performance of dehumidification and cooling of air using standalone as well as various hybrid heat and mass exchanger systems are systematically documented and discussed.




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