Chapter 7 - Biofilms in membrane systems for drinking water production

N.M. Farhat, S.S. Bucs, J.S. Vrouwenvelder
Recent Trends in Biofilm Science and Technology, pp. 157-177, (2020)


Bacterial growth potential test, Extracellular polymeric substances, Feed channel pressure drop increase, Membrane based drinking water production, Microbial growth control, Permeate production decline, Seawater desalination, Spiral wound reverse osmosis membrane modules, Waste water reuse


​This chapter provides an up-to-date overview of biofilms on membranes and identifies new research directions for membrane biofouling control.

Clean, fresh water can be produced by membrane-based water treatment processes from all water sources, including seawater and wastewater effluent. One of the main membrane application problems is the restriction of membrane performance caused by biofilm growth, referred to as biofouling. This chapter introduces the topic and describes the impact of biofilms on membrane performance indicators and presents methods to predict the feed water biofouling potential.It provides a state-of-the-art overview for biofouling control including (i) conventional preventive and curative control strategies, (ii) risks of chemical dosages, (iii) promising novel strategies such as membrane and feed spacer modification and advanced cleaning strategies, as well as, (iv) future perspectives of recently reported approaches such as reusable and more effective biofilm solubilizers.




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