Faheem Akhtar, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellows

​Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Interest

​Research interests revolve around membrane technology and engineering, particularly in the polymeric and mixed-matrix membrane development for gas and water vapor separation, as well as in the dynamics of penetrant induced in polymer films.

Selected Publications

  • Highways for water molecules: Interplay between nanostructure and water vapor transport in block copolymer membrane...
    F. H. Akhtar, H. Vovusha, L. F. Villalobos, R. Shevate, M. Kumar, S. P. Nunes, U. Schwinge...
    JournalofMembraneScience,572,641-649, (2019)
  • High dehumidification performance of amorphous cellulose composite membranes prepared from trimethylsilyl cellulose
    T. Puspasari, F. H. Akhtar, W. Ogieglo, O. Alharbi, K.-V. Peinemann
    JournalofMaterialsChemistryA,6,9271-9279, (2018)
  • Embedding 1D Conducting Channels into 3D Isoporous Polymer Films for High‐Performance Humidity Sensing
    R. Shevate, M. A. Haque, F. H. Akhtar, L. F. Villalobos, T. Wu, K.-V. Peinemann
    AngewandteChemieInternationalEdition,57,11218-11222, (2018)
  • Fabrication of polybenzimidazole/palladium nanoparticles hollow fiber membranes for hydrogen purification
    L. F. Villalobos, R. Hilke, F. H. Akhtar, K.-V. Peinemann
    AdvancedEnergyMaterials,8,1701567, (2018)
  • Polybenzimidazole-based mixed membranes with exceptionally high water vapor permeability and selectivity
    F. H. Akhtar, M. Kumar, L. F. Villalobos, H. Vovusha, R. Shevate, U. Schwingenschlögl, K.-...
    JournalofMaterialsChemistryA,5,21807-21819, (2017)
  • Pebax® 1657/Graphene oxide composite membranes for improved water vapor separation
    F. H. Akhtar, M. Kumar, K.-V. Peinemann
    JournalofMembraneScience,525,187-194, (2017)
  • Graphene oxide doped ionic liquid ultrathin composite membranes for efficient CO2 capture
    M. Karunakaran, L. F. Villalobos, M. Kumar, R. Shevate, F. H. Akhtar, K.-V. Peinemann
    JournalofMaterialsChemistryA,5,649-656, (2017)


  • Ph.D., Chemical and Biological Engineering, KAUST, Thuwal, Saudi Arabia, 2018
  • M.Sc., Chemical Engineering, UET, Lahore, Pakistan, 2010
  • B.Sc., Chemical Engineering, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan, 2008

Professional Profile

  • ​2019 - Present: Postdoctoral Fellow, WDRC, KAUST, Thuwal, Saudi Arabia
  • 2011-2014: Lecturer, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Scientific and Professional Membership

  • North American Membrane Society (NAMS)
  • Euromembrane Society (EMS)

KAUST Affiliations

  • ​Water Desalination and Reuse Center (WDRC)
  • Biological and Environmental Science and Engineering Division (BESE)

Research Interests Keywords

​Polymeric and mixed-matrix membranes Water vapor separation Dehumidification