Invited Speakers

    Invited speakers will give their talk based on the themes of the conference:

   Theme One: Nano-Enabled Water Technologies: Overview and Saudi Perspective

   Theme Two: Emerging polymeric membranes for water applications

   Theme Three: Nanocomposite membranes and 2D materials for water desalination and purification

   Theme Four: Nanomaterials for water treatment and monitoring

   Theme Five: Nano for food, agriculture and resource recovery

Plenary Speakers

Prof. Ayse Asatekin

Tufts University

Prof. Cristiana Boi

University of Bologna

Prof. Wiebe De Vos

University of Twente

Prof. Isabel Escobar

University of Kentucky

Dr. Lidietta Giorno

Institute on Membrane Technology of the National Research Council of Italy

Prof. Rahul Raveendran Nair

The University of Manchester

Prof. Peter Vikesland

Virginia Tech

Prof. Huanting Wang

Monash University

Prof. Paul Westerhoff

Arizona State University

Prof. Xing Xie

Georgia Institute of Technology

Prof. Linda Zou

Khalifa Univeristy of Science and Technology

Prof. Gregory Lowry

Carnegie Mellon University

Professor Pedro Alvarez

Rice University

Professor Cees Buisman

Wetsus & Wageningen University & Research

Professor Tahar Laoui

University of Sharjah

Professor Peng Wang

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Prof. Suzana Nunes

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Prof. Himanshu Mishra

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology