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Job Openings

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Center Industry Liaison Officer (CLO)

This position requires experience working with academics and technology transfer professionals to facilitate bridging the gap between laboratory research and commercial applications.

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Postdoctoral Fellow in Sustainable Technologies for Arid Lands Agriculture

Project: Bio-inspired technologies for precision agriculture in hot and dry regions

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Postdoctoral Fellow in Theory and Computation (Chemistry)

Project: Simulating physical and chemical processes at water-hydrophobe interfaces

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Postdoctoral Fellow in Surface Science: Adhesion and Wetting

Project: Surfaces with liquid and dust repellency

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Postdoctoral Fellow in Experimental Condensed Matter Physics

Project: Experimental investigation of nano-confined liquids: surface forces, optical and dielectric properties.

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Internal Hiring

Temporary Positions

Research Assistant

Environmental Microbial Safety and Biotechnology Lab (Job code: 13184)

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Research Technician

Interfacial Lab (Job code: 13224)

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