Johannes Vrouwenvelder, Ph.D.

Professor | Center Director

Research Interests: Biofouling, Water Treatment, Biofilms, Transport and distribution, Biological stability / regrowth, Microbial water quality, Membrane fouling, Biofilm monitors, On-line sensors

Matthew McCabe, Ph.D.

Professor | Director, Climate and Livability Initiative (CLI)

Research Interests: Remote sensing, Water security, Climate impacts, Precision agriculture, Unmanned aerial vehicles

Kim Choon NG, Ph.D.


Research Interests: Adsorption Desalination (AD), Thermal desalination,, Energy efficiency analysis with Standard Primary Energy, Direct Spray Evaporation and Condensation (DCSEC), Atmospheric Water Harvester (AWH), Solar energy applications, Sunlight (CPV) to formic acid (liquid hydrogen carrier), Indirect Evaporative Chiller (IEC), Coated-coil Mechanical Vapor Chiller (CCMVC) Dehumidifier

Noreddine Ghaffour, Ph.D.


Research Interests: Forward Osmosis, Sustainable desalination, Membrane distillation, Hybrid systems, Membrane fouling and mitigation, Membrane cleaning, Renewable Energy

Geert-Jan Witkamp, Ph.D.


Research Interests: Water, Crystallization, Thermodynamics, Supercritical carbon dioxide, Natural deep eutectic solvents, Green solvents

Peng Wang, Ph.D.


Research Interests: Environmental Nanotechnology, Photothermal conversion, Solar steam generation, Desalination, Thermal processes, Zero-liquid discharge, Salt crystallization, Resource recovery

Cristian Picioreanu, Ph.D.


Research Interests: Numerical modeling, Biofilms, Membrane engineering, Bioreactor engineering, Multi-scale simulations, Water Treatment

Pascal Saikaly, Ph.D.


Research Interests: Electromicrobiology, Microbial Electrochemistry, Anaerobic ammonium oxidation (anammox) process, Aerobic Granular Sludge, water reuse, Resource recovery

Peiying Hong, Ph.D.

​Associate Professor

Research Interests: Emerging microbial contaminants, water quality, wastewater multibarrier treatment technologies, water reuse, anaerobic processes

Himanshu Mishra, Ph.D.

​​​​​​​​​​​Associate Professor

Research Interests: Superhydrophobic insects and plants, Bio-inspired technologies for precision agriculture, coatings and membranes, Interfacial chemistries, Nanoconfined liquids

Gary Amy, Ph.D.

​Emeritus Professor

Research Interests: ​Membrane technology, Innovative adsorbents, Ozone/advanced oxidation, River bank filtration and soil aquifer treatment, Natural organic matter and disinfection by-products, Organic and inorganic micropollutants