Johannes Vrouwenvelder, Ph.D.

Professor | Center Director

Research Interest: Biofouling, Water Treatment, Biofilms, Transport and distribution, Biological stability / regrowth, Microbial water quality, Membrane fouling, Biofilm monitors, On-line sensors

Matthew McCabe, Ph.D.

Professor | ​​​​​​​​Associate Director

Research Interest: Hydrology, Remote sensing, Climate change, Agriculture, Evaporation, Water resources, Satellite, ​UAV

Kim Choon NG, Ph.D.


Research Interest: ​Solar-powered adsorption desalination, Thermal desalination,, ​Membrane-based dehumidification​

Noreddine Ghaffour, Ph.D.


Research Interest: ​Innovative desalination technologies and hybrid systems (Membrane Distillation,, Forward Osmosis, Adsorption Desalination, Membrane fouling and scaling, Innovative membrane cleaning methods, Fouling indices, RO pretreatment and intake systems, RO systems design and optimization, Desalination economics, Renewable energy-driven integrated desalination technologies

Geert-Jan Witkamp, Ph.D.


Research Interest: Water, Crystallization, Thermodynamics, Supercritical carbon dioxide, Natural deep eutectic solvents, Green solvents

Peng Wang, Ph.D.


Research Interest: ​Nanomaterial, Water, Solar energy, Surface wettability, Membrane, Lithography

Cristian Picioreanu, Ph.D.


Research Interest: Numerical modeling, Biofilms, Membrane engineering, Bioreactor engineering, Multi-scale simulations, Water Treatment

Pascal Saikaly, Ph.D.

​​​Associate Professor​

Research Interest: Microbial Electrochemical Technology, Aerobic Granular Sludge, Anammox

Peiying Hong, Ph.D.

​Associate Professor

Research Interest: ​Microbial safety, biotechnology,, water reuse, water quality, antibiotic resistance, anaerobic processes

Himanshu Mishra, Ph.D.

​​​​​​​​​​​Associate Professor

Research Interest: Bio-inspired technologies for food-water security, Capillarity, Surface forces, Nanoconfined liquids, Chemistry at water interfaces

Gary Amy, Ph.D.

​Emeritus Professor

Research Interest: ​Membrane technology, Innovative adsorbents, Ozone/advanced oxidation, River bank filtration and soil aquifer treatment, Natural organic matter and disinfection by-products, Organic and inorganic micropollutants