Spring Seminar Series 2016

​​The Center hosts several visitors throughout each semester for the Environmental Science and Engineering / WDRC Seminar Series. The following visitors will present in the Spring 2016 series.​

January 31: Assoc.Prof. Hokyong Shon, University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) 
                 “Forward Osmosis – Membrane Bioreactor Hybrid System for Sustainable Agricultural Application”

February 7: Dr. Sherub Phuntsho, University of Technology, Sydney (UTS)
                  “Pilot-scale operation of FO-NF hybrid process: lessons for full-scale application Forward”

February 21: Dr. Sofiane Soukane, Institute of Marine Science and Coastal Management, Algiers
                   “Multiscale modeling of membrane distillation: challenges and opportunities”

February 28: Prof. Roger Ben Aim, Institute for Filtration and Liquid Solid Separation, International Consultant
                   “Ceramic vs. polymeric porous membranes : their future for drinking water production & waste water treatment &
                    reuse. From membrane characterization to membrane processes"

March 13: Prof. Chung-Hak Lee, Seoul National University, Korea
                “QQ-MBR for Wastewater Treatment: From Evolution to Application”
March 27: Prof. Joanna Shisler, University of Illinois, USA
                "Waterborne Viruses: A Barrier to Safe Drinking Water"

Spring break
April 17: Prof. Bruce Logan, Penn State University, USA

April 24: Prof. Xiaochang Wang, Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology, China
              "Water Environmental Engineering in China: Creative Innovation toward the Future"

May 1: TBC
May 12: TBC 

Event Quick Information

31 Jan – 12 May 2016
12:00 AM - 05:00 PM