Ense Seminar Invited Speaker Series: Dr. Moustafa Moussa

EnSE Seminar Series

Sunday, April 28, 2019, 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Auditorium between Bldg. 4&5, Level 0, Room 0215


Dr. Moustafa Samir Moussa Badawy

Program Director, Environmental Engineering Program in Zewail City of Science & Technology (Egypt)


Evolving Approach to Improve Sanitation Services Under Resource Limitation


Improving sanitation coverage and Ensuring safe disposal & reuse of waste water are one of the sustainable development goals (SDG-6). Responding to this universal call and achieving the national targets is still considered a challenge for many developing countries and countries in transition. Rapid population growth and resource limitations hinder the progress and even diminish the already achieved targets. In water scarce countries like in the Middle East region, the situation became more drastic and fast action is a must. 
To cope with all these challenges an innovative and dynamic multidisciplinary approach is needed. The evolving multidisciplinary approach developed and practiced in Egypt during the last ten years will be illustrated.  This approach manages to bridge the gap between academics and practitioners to enhance sanitation project cycle from identification to impact realization. The lessons learned, exchanged experience with other African countries, and the way forward will be discussed. 



Moustafa Samir Moussa is Program Director of an Environmental Engineering program in Zewail City of Science & Technology (Egypt). He is an environmental expert and his specialization is domestic and industrial wastewater, solid waste management, environmental projects planning and capacity building. He has been also involved in many projects (Feasibility studies, capacity building and R&D) on water and wastewater management in Egypt and the Mediterranean area (IWSPI, IWSPII, ISSIP, ESRISS, WWDSS, H2020). 

He obtained his MSc and PhD degrees in Nitrification in saline industrial wastewater at the International Institute for water education (UNESCO-IHE) in Delft, the Netherlands. This was a joint project of UNESCO-IHE, TU Delft, Shell Global, Ecco Tannery Holland, Heiploeg and the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. 

He is currently teaching wastewater treatment, solid waste management, hazardous waste management, green economy, and other engineering courses. His current research interests cover wastewater treatment, Innovative sustainable solution for Urban-Rural area, and Innovative sustainable solutions for Industrial sector: (Pollution Prevention, Resource Recovery and Industrial Ecology).


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28 Apr, 2019
04:00 PM - 05:00 PM