WDRC EnSE Seminar Series: Dr. Yaoqing Zhang



WDRC EnSE Seminar Series

By Yaoqing Zhang, Senior Editor, Nature Sustainability
When: Sunday| May 7, 2023 | 03:00 - 04:00 p.m. (GMT +3)
Join Zoom link:  https://kaust.zoom.us/j/99580299793


An inside view of Nature journals for publication of sustainability research



Nature and its sister titles have been established as impactful journals with a two-fold mission: facilitating the prompt communication of the most important scientific developments to the relevant research communities while at the same time fostering a greater appreciation of these findings among the wider audience. Nature Sustainability applies these principles to the publication of significant original research from a broad range of natural, social, and engineering fields about sustainability, its policy dimensions, and actionable solutions. In this talk, I will endeavor to shed light on how our editors assess the many excellent research submissions that we receive and how we add value to the manuscripts so as to elevate the whole breadth of sustainability-relevant contributions to the same level of prestige. I will also outline in general terms the peer review and appeal processes and our vision regarding the best way of writing to maximize the impact of every paper we publish and facilitate cross-disciplinary dialogues around sustainability issues. 

About the speaker:

Yaoqing Zhang is a senior editor for Nature Sustainability. He handles primary research from the broad areas of chemistry, materials, water, and energy, presenting promising solutions to sustainability challenges. His roles also include commissioning Reviews/Perspectives/Comments in areas of interest and front-half content to highlight research, editorial writing, and representing journals in conferences and relevant events. He started his editorial career at Nature Communications, covering a range of topics in energy conversion and storage. He received his Ph.D. degree in chemistry at the University of St Andrews and conducted postdoctoral work in Japan.

Event Quick Information

07 May, 2023
03:00 PM - 04:00 PM