Total Organic Carbon Analyzer (TOC)

Brand: Shimadzu

Model: TOC-LCPH ( TNM-L & SSM-5000A)

The TOC-LCPH is a PC-controlled high-sensitivity analyzer that measures the amount of total organic carbon (TOC) and dissolved organic carbon (DOC). It adopts the 680-720°C combustion catalytic oxidation method which makes it possible to oxidize not only easily-decomposed, low-molecular-weight organic compounds efficiently, but also hard-to-decompose insoluble and macromolecular organic compounds. The combination of the total nitrogen unit (TNM-L) with the TOC analyzer allows for simultaneous measurement of total organic carbon and total nitrogen. Combining the solid sample combustion unit (SSM-5000A) with the TOC analyzer permits the analysis of many solid samples in addition to aqueous samples, including soil, sludge, and sediments.