Seawater Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) Pilot Facility

Brand: AMI – Applied Membranes Inc., USA

Model: Dual 4” SWRO Unit

​Saudi Arabia relies heavily on seawater desalination to meet its rapidly growing desalination needs. Energy-intensive thermal-based desalination (MSF and MED) remains a widely (>86%) practiced method throughout this region. Membrane-based seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) desalination is now becoming popular in the Kingdom. The pilot-scale SWRO research facility (9-18 m3/hr feed water) in Building 7 is used to assess critical issues related to SWRO. The facility focuses on minimizing scaling and fouling and on prolonging the operational life of the membrane through effective pretreatment and optimization steps. The SWRO pilot facility utilizes a multi-train system to assess various pretreatment scenarios for its wider acceptance in the region. The facility is equipped with chemical feeds, filtration (conventional dual media filter and membrane based ultrafiltration) and several SWRO skids, with a continuous seawater supply and seawater discharge. The facility occupies room 7-0840 located in the southern high bay area on Level 0 in Building 7, with a total area of 100 m2