OrbitCrops wins 2nd place at StartUp Istanbul

13 November, 2019


Matteo Ziliani (second from left) and Bruno Aragon Solorio (middle) together with the Startup Istanbul organizers.


OrbitCrops, a startup conceived by two Ph.D. students from the Water Desalination and Reuse Center (WDRC) at KAUST, was awarded second place at the recently held Startup Istanbul event on October 18-21, 2019. 

To empower farmers in better managing their fields, Bruno Aragon Solorio and Matteo Ziliani painstakingly developed a state-of-the-art satellite analytics program under the supervision of Professor Matthew McCabe; hence, OrbitCrops was born.  OrbitCrops leverages satellite images to provide information that could help farm managers produce more food using fewer resources such as fertilizers or water. Farmers can access OrbitCrops analytics from any internet-connected device like computers or mobile, tailored to work best under harsh conditions. "We want our customers to enjoy using our solution, so we strived to make it simple and easy to use. Applying our solution, farmers can push their productivity to the limit." Bruno said. If implemented at a large scale, OrbitCrops can help to significantly reduce the rate of crop water use in the entire region.


Matteo Ziliani presenting OrbitCrops during the event.


Startup Istanbul is a gathering of startups, mentors, and venture capitalists from Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Three winners were chosen from the ten finalists who came from a pool of 100 participants selected to pitch their startups. In total, more than 150,000 applicants participated in the competition.

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