WDRC Faculty Promotion

16 April, 2020


WDRC Faculty Promotion

It is with great pleasure that we announce the promotion of Prof. Himanshu Mishra to the rank of Associate Professor of Environmental Science and Engineering.  

Prof. Mishra directs an interdisciplinary research team that explores fundamental aspects of the physics and chemistries of interfaces, particularly as relates to water and hydrophobic media. However, his research is also cross-cutting, with considerable activity in applied projects that have seen the production of biomimetic surfaces and hydrophobic coatings. His lab is one that truly embraces the concept of translational science. Perhaps the most direct example of this has been his development of a nano-coated superhydrophobic sand, which has been demonstrated to minimize water loss in irrigated agricultural systems, while increasing the crop yield. Such research exemplifies the mission of KAUST and the WDRC in addressing the interrelated issue of water and food security.

We look forward to Himanshu's continued success as his research produces even more novel and exciting insights and applications!