Prof. Noreddine Ghaffour is guest editor of "Special Issue on Membrane Distillation"

24 June, 2021


WDRC Professor Noredine Ghaffour is selected as one of the guest editors of the "Special Issue on Membrane Distillation".

This special issue aims to collect original high-quality articles that explore the full potential of MD for a wide range of applications related to desalination. Fundamental and applied research covering multidisciplinary MD topics as well as review papers with new perspectives will be considered. The scope of the Special Issue includes, but is not limited to, the following topics:

  • Novel modules.
  • MD (bio)fouling and scaling.
  • Membrane pore wetting.
  • Enhancements in mass transfer.
  • MD scale-up.
  • MD energetics.
  • Temperature polarization and thermal efficiency improvements.
  • MD hybrids.
  • Materials development for MD, e.g., novel membranes, materials for localized heating (photothermal, ceramics, carbon based, etc.).
  • Renewable energy-driven MD, e.g. solar, geothermal, waste heat etc.
  • System optimization and eco-design.
  • Modeling and simulation.
  • Process economics, Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA).

Call for Papers!

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The first submission date: 01-May-2021

The closing date for submission: 31-Nov-2021

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