DiplomaticQuarter: Austrian Embassy honors Saudi winner of Energy Globe Award

16 November, 2021


RIYADH: The Austrian Embassy on Wednesday honored the winner of the Energy Globe Award Saudi Arabia 2021 at a business circle event titled “Green Tech Austria” organized by its commercial section, Advantage Austria, on Wednesday.
The award has been given annually since 2000 to showcase solutions that will protect the environment while promoting harmonious and productive cooperation between the business community and consumers.

Along with Advantage Austria, the Energy Globe Award is sponsored by the UNIDO, the Global Chamber Platform, Austria’s Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology, Amiblu and the Club of Rome.

Dr. Muhammad Wakil Shahzad, a research consultant at the water desalination and reuse center, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, won this year’s Energy Globe Award in Saudi Arabia, for implementing a sustainable and outstanding project.
He was congratulated for his project that developed a “24/7 solar operated innovative desalination cycle for future sustainability.”

Shahzad, who is also a senior lecturer at Northumbria University, in Britain, told Arab News: “I won the Energy Globe Award in 2019 based on our innovative hybrid MEDAD cycle performance. I am deeply pleased and honored to receive this prestigious award again in 2021. It doesn’t matter how many times you win an award, it is always very special. I would like to thank Prof. Kim Choon Ng and other team members for this award. I also would like to thank KAUST and Northumbria University for their research support.”

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