Congratulations to the 2021 EnSE Fall Graduates

20 December, 2021


A total of eight students from the environmental science and engineering (EnSE) program were conferred their postgraduate degree at the KAUST Commencement exercise held on December 17, 2021. 

We are proud to announce the list of the 2021 EnSE Fall graduates:

Ph.D. Graduates:
1. Adair Gallo Junior (Fall 2021)
2. Chenlin Zhang (Fall 2021)
3. Luisa Javier Fregoso (Fall 2021)
4. Maria Fernanda Nava Ocampo (Fall 2021)
5. Mustakeem Mustakeem (Fall 2021)









Adair Gallo, Jr., Ph.D. with Professor Himanshu Mishra.








Maria Nava Ocampo. Ph.D. (left) and Luisa Javier. Ph.D.(right) with their advisor Professor Johannes Vrouwenvelder, WDRC Director.







Nicolas Augsburger, Ph.D. (Spring 2021) with Professor Peiying Hong.



MS Graduates:

1. Rozan Wali (Fall 2021)
2. Andres Pfannkuchen Martinez (Fall 2021)
3. Duaa Albalawi (Fall 2021)

Congratulations, and we wish you much more success in the future. We look forward to witness your contribution to the scientific community will make its mark in solving humanity's crucial issues, especially in water research and innovation.

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