WDRC welcomes three students to the WISE 2022

07 August, 2022


WDRC welcomes three High School students to the Work Internship and Student Experience 2022 (WISE) from July 24th to August 18th. This four-week summer program offers an opportunity for the students to understand their academic interests and introduce them to the world of research and labs while working under the mentorship of distinguished faculty.
Abdurrahman, Lina, and Sara are willing to learn more about desalination; their topic is "Emerging desalination technologies for hyper-saline water treatment" under the supervision of Prof. Noreddine Ghaffour and Dr. Muhammad Saqib Nawaz.

Abdurrahman Ahmed - Grade 11

"It is a pleasure to be an intern in the WDRC center; my name is Abdurrahman Ahmed, and I am 16 years old. I have been in KAUST for 4 years and have really enjoyed my time here. I am a G11 student currently studying here at TKS (The KAUST school). I signed up to work as an intern in this Center because I believe this program will benefit me as I will gain real-world experience, learn to deal with pressure, and work on my time management as well as learn about desalination. I would say my scientific strength would be chemistry as it involves a little bit of math while at the same time you are able to enter the lab and do really interesting experiments." 

Lina Ghaffour - Grade 12

"My name is Lina, and I have been a TKS student since my kindergarten years, therefore I have grown up within the KAUST community. I am currently working through the International Baccalaureate with 6 subjects including Chemistry, Biology, Economics as well as Mathematics Approaches, and Analysis. I have a multi-cultural spirit and a versatile work mentality, and I'm easily adaptable to new environments. "

Sara Basem Moosa - Grade 11

"My name is Sara Basem Moosa, and I am an IB TKS student in grade 11. I am a studious student with excellent and outstanding academics! My scientific curiosity started when I was a child. My parents are both scientists, thus, the scientific sector is extremely precious to me! My passion is to discover answers to current world challenges. I have volunteered in a couple of organizations such as MATTER company, The Children's Museum in Jordan, and the Knowledge Path Child Library (Abdul Hameed Shoman). I have competed in an intense essay coemption in medicine against thousands of students from all over the world and have my essay chosen to be granted a scholarship.  I've taken part in a number of extracurricular events, including the Model United Nations (MUN), the NEOM innovation challenge, the KAUST Workshop for Women in Science and Engineering, and more.... I believe that the environment in which I live determines who I am. "

WDRC is excited to nurture these young people's curiosity and scientific education.