WDRC Director participates at the GWECCC 2023 in Bahrain

11 September, 2023


On September 6th, KAUST Professor Hans Vrouwenvelder delivered an engaging and highly informative presentation titled "Impact-Focused Desalination Research" during the Global Water, Energy, and Climate Change Congress (GWECCC) Technical session in the Kingdom of Bahrain. This prominent congress, organized by the Ministry of Oil & Environment in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), sought to address the pressing challenges of water and energy sustainability in the Arabian Gulf and beyond. 

Prof. Vrouwenvelder's presentation was an important contribution to the congress, shedding light on efforts aimed at mitigating the costs, energy consumption, and CO2 emissions associated with seawater desalination. His talk emphasized the collaborative work between KAUST, government entities, and industry partners in conducting applied research to develop innovative solutions for the water sector in Saudi Arabia.

The insights provided by Prof. Vrouwenvelder sparked meaningful discussions and enriched the overall discourse on tackling water scarcity issues in the region. His presentation highlighted the importance of pursuing research-based approaches to address the challenges faced by the water sector, further emphasizing the need for sustainable and environmentally friendly technologies.