29 July, 2018

Hong Cheng wins most popular poster award

Congratulations to Ph.D. student Hong Cheng for winning the most popular poster award at the 15th International Water Association Leading Edge Conference on Water and Wastewater Technologies held in Nanjing, China from May 27-31, 2018.

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12 June, 2018

Boring down on boron

Prof. Noreddine Ghaffour and his group explored the effects of two thermal-based desalination methods with respect to its boron removal capacity. The Air-gap membrane distillation (AGMD), an emerging technology being developed at WDRC has proven its high potential in the production of safe, innovative and cost-effective drinking water that would meet the stringent standards of boron concentration set by Saudi Arabia and the GCC in its water distribution systems. Learn more about boron and its volatile behavior in this latest article.

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03 June, 2018

Solar energy tapped for clean water

Associate Professor Peng Wang and his group developed a 3D-photothermal structure that achieved near 100% efficiency in producing clean fresh water using energy from sunlight.

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14 May, 2018

Mimicking a sweet solution to mop up pollution

A fast and safe method to prepare a 3D porous material that mimics the shape of a honeycomb could have broad applications from catalysis to drug delivery or for filtering air to remove pollutants or viruses.

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02 May, 2018

WDRC Postdoc wins Best Young Scientist Oral Presentation Award

Luca Fortunato, a postdoctoral fellow in Prof. TorOve Leiknes’s group was awarded with the Best Young Scientist Oral Presentation at The International Symposium on Advanced Membrane Bioreactors for Environment Sustainability (IBA - AMBRES 2018) held on April 15 – 18, 2018 in Tianjin, China. Fortunato’s presentation entitled “Biofouling development in Activated Sludge Membrane Bioreactor: In-situ non destructive monitoring" was selected from among 115 speakers who participated in the event. #WDRC

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23 April, 2018

Growing more with less

In a hot and dry country like Saudi Arabia, WDRC Assistant Professor Himanshu Mishra’s research opens a promising and innovative means to save a lot of water used in agriculture, which is otherwise lost through evaporation.

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12 April, 2018

Peng Wang featured at Environmental Science: Nano

WDRC Associate Professor, Peng Wang has been recognized by Environmental Science: Nano for his recent work on photothermal materials which highlights its great potential for clean and more energy-efficient water production and emerging applications in treatment technologies.

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26 March, 2018

Grime does pay when it comes to wastewater filters

A grimy layer on wastewater filters could slow the spread of antibiotic resistance.

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19 March, 2018

Solar desalination—from lab to plant

Ng developed a process that combines adsorption desalination (AD) and multi-effect distillation (MED) to boost thermodynamic synergy between the two cycles. The combined cycle, known as the MEDAD cycle, yields significantly higher water production performance when compared to conventional MED desalination cycles.

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18 March, 2018

New eyes in the skies

The availability of high-resolution data collected by miniaturized satellites heralds a turning point in Earth and environmental sensing from space.

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14 February, 2018

Congratulations to Dr. Oliver Lopez!

Oliver Lopez successfully defended his thesis under the supervision of Prof. Matthew McCabe.

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11 February, 2018

Wiser ways with water

Safety assurance is the first step in bringing valuable wastewater into use, says Peiying Hong.

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03 January, 2018

KAUST student wins best poster at Water Arabia Conference

KAUST student Adair Gallo Junior presented a patent-pending technique developed in Prof. Mishra’s Group that reduces water evaporation from soils.

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18 December, 2017

Congratulations to the WDRC-EnSE Class of 2017

On Friday December 15th, KAUST celebrates Commencement 2017.

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05 December, 2017

Congratulations to Dr. Elaf Ali Ahmed for a successful Ph.D. dissertation

Elaf successfully defended her thesis entitled "Electrochemically Active Biofilm-assisted Nanomaterial Synthesis and its Environmental Applications" under the supervision of Prof. Peng Wang.

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19 November, 2017

WDRC congratulates Mohammed Namazi for a successful Ph.D. defense

Mohammed successfully defended his thesis entitled "AOM Characterization and Removal Efficiency Using Various SWRO Pretreatment Techniques" under the advisory of Professor TorOve Leiknes, co-advised by Research Professor Noreddine Ghaffour.

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12 November, 2017

Sunny solution for killing E. coli

Treating wastewater with solar irradiation shows promise in reducing two E. coli strains but a resilient strain persists.

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08 November, 2017

CIAP 8th Annual Meeting 2017

The Water Desalination and Reuse Center (WDRC) hosted its 8th Center Industry Affiliates Program (CIAP) Annual Meeting on 7th and 8th November 2017, at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Thuwal, Saudi Arabia.

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08 November, 2017

Congratulations to Abdullah Hamoud Dehwah for a successful Ph.D. defense

Abdullah successfully defended his thesis entitled "An Assessment of Subsurface Intake Systems: Planning and Impact on Feed Water Quality for SWRO Facilities" under the supervision of Professors Kim Choon Ng and Prof. Thomas Missimer. His research focuses on the development of subsurface intake systems for the seawater reverses osmosis plants around the Red Sea region.

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05 November, 2017

Briny pool bacteria can clean up and power up

Promising electrochemical technologies for cleaning wastewater are boosted by the discovery of extremophilic microbes in the Red Sea.

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