05 December, 2019

WDRC-CIAP 2019 in pictures

The Water Desalination and Reuse Center (WDRC) hosted the 10th annual meeting of the Center Industry Affiliates Program (CIAP) on November 25th & 26th, of which over 30 representatives from in-Kingdom and international collaborators of the Center came to participate.

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28 November, 2019

Jorge Rosas successfully defends Ph.D. thesis

Jorge Rosas, under the supervision of Prof. Matthew McCabe, successfully defended his thesis entitled "Advancing the Utility of Thermal Remote Sensing in Irrigated Arid-Lands Agriculture."

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17 November, 2019

TRSDC and KAUST announce winners of Brains for Brine Challenge

Three winners were announced during the international Aquatech 2019 event in Amsterdam. The competition identified new solutions to manage the disposal of brine.

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14 November, 2019

Yasmeen Najm successfully defends Ph.D. thesis

Yasmeen Najm successfully defended her thesis entitled "Photosynthetic Oxygenation and Nutrient Utilization by Chlorella Vulgaris in a Hybrid Membrance Bioreactor and Algal Membrane Photobioreactor System" under the supervision of Professor TorOve Leiknes.

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13 November, 2019

OrbitCrops wins 2nd place at StartUp Istanbul

OrbitCrops was awarded second place at the Startup Istanbul event held on October 18-21, 2019.

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10 November, 2019

Raid AlRowais wins best paper award

Congratulations to Raid Alrowais for winning the best paper award at the IMAT 2019 held on November 7-8, at Kyushu University, Kasuga, Japan.

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29 October, 2019

Huma Sanawar successfully defends her Ph.D. thesis

Congratulations to Huma for successfully defending her thesis entitled “Enhanced Chemical Cleaning of Reverse Osmosis Membranes to Mitigate Biofouling.”

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28 October, 2019

Alaa Ragab successfully defends her Ph.D. thesis

Alaa Ragab successfully defended her thesis entitled "Investigating Effects of Electron Donor Availability on Cathodic Microbial Community Structure and Functional Dynamics in Electromethanogenesis" on October 27, 2019.

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27 October, 2019

Prof. Kim Choon Ng wins best paper award

Prof. Kim Choon Ng is the recipient of the best paper award in the category of Environment & Sustainability at The International Desalination Association World Congress 2019 held in Dubai, UAE, on Oct. 20-24, 2019.

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30 September, 2019

Pascal Saikaly's group won the TAQADAM 2019 ‘People's Choice Award’

A team of researchers from Prof. Pascal Saikaly's group took home the 'People's Choice Award' at the third annual TAQADAM Showcase 2019.

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19 September, 2019

Quantum destabilization of a water sandwich

Prof. Himanshu Mishra and his team have revealed new information about what happens when a thin water layer becomes sandwiched between two hydrophobic surfaces.

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12 September, 2019

KAUST signs MoU with ACWA Power

KAUST launches ACWA Power Center of Excellence for Desalination and Solar Power

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10 September, 2019

The movers and shakers of wastewater treatment

The latest study from Prof. Pascal's group provides relevant baseline data about AGS systems while also addressing important questions about community composition in microbial ecology to optimize its performance in the future.

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28 August, 2019

Fair compare of desalination puts heat on energy sources

Muhammad Wakil Shahzad, Muhammad Burhan and Kim Choon Ng have demonstrated a simple thermodynamic approach that produces a common platform for comparison of energy efficiency uses a standard universal performance ratio that offers a fairer comparison between seawater desalination methods.

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31 July, 2019

Prof. Peng Wang is going back to Hong Kong

A farewell gathering was held to thank Prof. Peng Wang for his remarkable contribution to the WDRC.

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21 July, 2019

WDRC welcomes SRSI participants

WDRC welcomes into the center two participants of the SRSI program under the mentorship of Professors Pascal Saikaly and Peiying Hong. Mohammad Tawfiq and Abdulelah Alahmed are two of the 42 students who got accepted into the program this year. They will be working with their mentors for six weeks and enjoy a real scientific research experience at the center.

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11 July, 2019

Solar power with a free side of drinking water

Prof. Peng Wang and his Ph.D. student Wenbin Wang have developed a device that will allow them to generate clean drinking water while generating electricity using solar panels.

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02 July, 2019

Bionic catalysts to produce clean energy

Professor Pascal Saikaly and his former postdoc Shafeer Kalathil are mixing microbes with carbon nanomaterials to create a biohybrid material that can outperform expensive metal-based analogs while also being environmentally friendly.

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01 July, 2019

Insects inspire greener, cheaper membranes for desalination

Professor Himanshu Mishra, postdoc Ratul Das and research scientist Sankara Arunachalam were inspired by insects to develop a membrane from nonhydrophobic materials for membrane distillation.

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19 June, 2019

Casting a net for a sustainable water network

Prof. Hans Vrouwenvelder discussed in this article how WDRC focuses on three flagship research themes: greener desalination, water security, and waste to resource to transform the water cycle.

It also highlights the partnership between WDRC and The Red Sea Development Company by launching the 'Brains for Brine Challenge', a call for fresh ideas to tackle the challenge of managing brine in an environmentally sustainable manner.

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